Why Internet Marketing?

The latest buzz word in business is "Internet Marketing." There is a common misunderstanding among people with regard to websites and web design. That is… as soon as you have a website people will start looking at it or buying something from it, as a result it will attract new business or grow your business in some way. This alone is not true.

A website is like anything else, for people to look at it, first they have to know it's there. Many business owners know about traditional marketing. They advertise in the phone book, pass out flyers, advertise in the newspaper, on TV, radio, etc. The traditional marketing methods are costly and don't satisfy every area of the consumer buying cycle. Traditional marketing is a way to promote your business, however Internet Marketing is the best way to increase your revenue, and reduce your cost per lead (or sale).


What is organic SEO v. PPC?

Organic SEO refers to coming up in the search results without paying the Search Engine to put you there. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, this type of advertising is a good solution but can get very expensive. PPC means you pay the search engine to put you in the ads on the search page. The site who is willing to pay the most, per click (not per client) is the one who becomes number 1 on their ads.


How much will your SEO services cost?

The basic cost of our SEO services varies from site to site. A final service fee can be arrived at only after reviewing the current state of your web site, the keyword competition, pages to be optimized, and the work required for link-building campaigns.


How long will it take to see results using the NextNet System?

It can take anywhere between two weeks to 6 months. The less competition the quicker you will see results. You have to build links evenly over time to build trust with the search engines. If you do only one quick link building campaign and then nothing else, the search engines will think you dropped off and your ranking will do the same.


Can NextNet guarantee number #1 position in the search engines?

NOBODY can or should guarantee any client a #1 position in search engines. If a company guarantees you #1 position, or quick fix results; please be wary of any of their techniques. These techniques may get your site totally banned in the long run by the lead search engines. Generally, the catch here is that the SEO firm chooses the keywords vs. working with the ones you have or need based on current organic searches. There's no point in paying for #1 position for some obscure term that nobody is searching for.


What are the key factors important to my website rankings?

a) Keywords (search phrases)

b) Competitiveness within your main industry (and number of competing sites)

c) Whether you are targeting local, regional, and/or national markets

d) How well your current site is optimized and maintained / monitored

e) The quantity, quality, and monitored relevance of your current inbound links

f) Links (diversified backlinks)


Does every page of my website really need to be optimized?

This is critical and a BIG Yes! Each page of your current website is and should be treated as a possible entry point or landing page for visitors. Each page must be optimized for at least one or two keywords. This collectively reinforces the central "brand" for your website and helps in improving rankings of different pages within the website for targeted keywords.


What is Spam and/or Black Hat standards?

Spam is the process of tricking a search engine into ranking your site higher than it normally would. This is a short term strategy and can cause your website to be banned from the Search Engines forever. Nextnet Marketing DOES NOT use Spam or Black Hat processes. A popular Black Hat standard is invisible text. If you get caught doing this it could be hard for your site to recover.


Will dynamic pages affect rankings negatively?

Some search engines claim they can crawl dynamic pages easily, but there's still some level of speculation as to whether it can be done within the SEO industry. If the pages are in .php or .asp extensions they won’t affect your page ranking. Spiders find it very difficult to crawl by link having query strings e.g., "test.asp?param1=yes¶m2=no", such URLs might get dropped by spiders for crawling. It is better to create straightforward .php or .asp links through modified rewrite.


Is SEO a one time process?

No it is not. With more and more sites instituting SEO services competition for top ranking is rampant. This competition requires efforts on your part to use the services of a professional SEO firm working on your behalf; otherwise your site could be lost on the net.


Isn't this something website owners can do themselves?

Yes. If you have basic knowledge about web design and if you have the time to invest, you can purchase comprehensive a SEO Report for your website and get started on your own. Or you can purchase the website SEO report of your site, hand it over to a professional Internet Marketing firm like NextNet and get the changes implemented in a professional manner quickly and easily.
Remember, attention and expertise is needed in order to achieve higher ranking results in such a constantly changing industry. Adding your own IT personnel and necessary resources might outweigh the cost of hiring a dedicated SEO Firm like NextNet, but outsourcing SEO is by far the most popular method.


Will you need FTP access to our web server and if yes, why?

Yes, we will need access to your web server in order to upload and periodically update pages. NextNet will keep you informed by email every time we do an upload or make a change.


Does NextNet have to make changes to our site?

The visible changes to your site would be minimal and would be carried out only with your explicit permission. Most of the on-site SEO work is done behind the scenes in the source code by our trained SEO Team.


How long is SEO effective without maintenance?

By comparison to other methods of internet marketing, SEO does bring you the most steady stream of organic traffic over extended periods of time, provided the SEO strategy is cutting edge and uses the most up to date methods. Other website promotion tools like PPC (Pay Per Click; example: Google Adwords ), the traffic stops the moment you stop your campaign but in combination with SEO you will see great results should you do both.


Why should my company select NextNet’s SEO Services over others?

Expertise: NextNet stays current with all of the SEO developments on a daily basis providing you cutting edge ethical SEO techniques.

Unparalleled Support: NextNet accepts only a limited number of clients per account manager, providing your company and website an exceptional degree of personalized service.

Affordable Cost: NextNet is the affordable seo services company who will work with you to get you the results you need on a budget you can afford.


When can I expect to see the results?

It usually takes 1 to 3 months before the SEO campaign “takes off” and you start seeing significant traffic growth. A realistic timeframe for significant results in a competitive market is 6 to 9 months of consistent effort both on-site (with additional content being added and changes made to existing pages) and off-site (link-building) to achieve maximum benefit. However, you will notice positive improvement even within a first month of using our service.


Who is in charge of my project?

We will assign you an account manager who you can contact anytime, 7 days a week with any questions/concerns.