Keyword Blasting


Already have an SEO campaign and just looking for an extra boost?


Keyword Blasting: The key to getting you seen on the ‘Net.

This is known as affiliate marketing and one of the important ways NextNet does keyword research by utilizing keyword blasts to find profitable keywords for the client’s offer. Many do not know the main concept of keyword blasting or even heard of blasting keywords. It is NextNet’s way of finding a lot of profitable keywords (deep and wide) and it stops the wasting of time on less searchable keywords or non converting keywords and all for the benefit of NextNet’s client base.

For our client’s benefit, we want to find keywords that are being clicked on and of course converting. The basis of keyword blasting by NextNet is to overload an adgroup with tons of keywords that have a high bid, and let it run. This allows NextNet to find what keywords are profitable and what keywords may be profitable later on.

This is a good effort on our client’s behalf as later on and with polishing you can have a successful campaign based on the keywords NextNet believes are best for your company.

There are many ways to keyword blast a campaign based on keyword search types (broad, phrase, exact). Each provides different results and can be beneficial. The staff at NextNet will analyze the data produced and provide you with the best advice.