Reputation Management



Because of the rise of social media along with the increased use of mobile technology and the continuing power of Google and other search engines, information about you is everywhere and much easier to obtain in the ever expanding Digital Age. Consumers want to make smart purchasing decisions and can easily locate product reviews with just the click of a button. Employers, agencies, colleges, and families can evaluate any type of applicants without even having to glance at an outdated resume. Today, any one can simply find lots of information about you or your company simply by conducting a Google search. This information waterfall may seem like a good thing, and in many ways it is, but it comes with many significant downsides and you may have already experienced these negative effects.

One of the greatest disadvantages of the online world is that people can and do write or post whatever they like on the Internet and when they do its hard to un-ring the bell. While having information about you or your company easily accessible via online search may be helpful, it is only helpful if that information is uniformly positive. If your name, company, or brand is ever hit with negative reviews and/or consumer complaints it will positively prove detrimental to your long range success. Obviously individuals or professionals whose names or businesses are attached to embarrassing photos or negative news stories can face unbelievable embarrassment along with personal and/or professional consequences.


Brand Enhancement


It’s a proven fact that consumers turn instantly to the Internet when seeking informed purchasing decisions. This requires the online profile of a business to be considered an essential part of your story regardless of your industry regardless of whether the business is selling its products and services online or off. Anytime a consumer completes an online search, it is critical that the consumer find the most positive of information and solid reviews because a Yelp review or even a BBB complaint could easily lead to lost business and customers.


Do you have a Wikipedia Plan? It may be time.


We all know the power of Wikipedia. It is quickly evolving as a primary source for information on the Internet which creates a special need for established or growing companies and celebrities alike to maintain a positive Wikipedia entry as it can/will be a primary source of public attitude. Whatever a Wikipedia entry indicates about a person or a brand will lead that consumer in forming an opinion about that person or brand both online and off so you have to be both alert and careful.

Changing or challenging an inaccurate or negative Wikipedia listing can be both complicated and time consuming but it must be done or you lose in the long run. NextNet Marketing has extensive experience in completing Wikipedia turnarounds and its team of professionals offers numerous plans and strategies tailored to assist it's client base in revising, changing, or simply correcting its Wikipedia reputation.

Those businesses, brands, and professionals that do not presently have a positive Wikipedia entry will find that NextNet Marketing can/will devise a unique plan to create a new listing ensuring it provides the level of positive information about you and/or your business while at the same time leading to a more positive online reputation in a robust and meaningful way.


Media Blitz; are you ready for the impact?


Keeping your valuable reputation is more than cleaning up Google searches. For those in the public spotlight whether companies or persons, it requires a full media overhaul. NextNet Marketing offers its clients needing a counter attack a complete Media Blitz plan designed to alter our client’s image among major media outlets whether online and off.

Our Media Blitz strategy is simple; we literally bombard all major media outlet everywhere with our own press releases and companion stories that offer an alternative and positive light for the benefit of our client which offers the counter balance we intended. It works because NextNet Marketing maintains a solid listing of all major national and international news outlets providing our clients an effective resource. We do this by calling on the programs in place by a number of recognized PR firms that include all types of media relationships.


Image Suppression


You know the negative impact that can arise from having any type of negative image paired with your name or your company’s name on Google or any similar site. Any type of Google Image can be misconstrued leading to humiliation whether for individuals or companies. These negative images can be from a range of high school photos to an unflattering DUI photo, a compromising photo of an executive caught off guard or really any type of image that you always intended to keep confidential.

NextNet Marketing Image Suppression programs are the counter plan for businesses and individuals, that need/must suppress any type of unflattering image that you want/need suppressed. NextNet does this by overwhelming Google Image Search with more positive images and ranking each with better keywords thereby eliminating the negative or at least pushing it out of popular view and thereby creating a non-issue environment, assisting our clients in maintaining only a positive image…


Crisis Management


In today’s world with all of the access available over the Internet, any single accidental or unflattering headline can catch on like wind and literally damage you or your company’s reputation instantly. The NextNet team is always prepared to counter these unfortunate situations for the benefit of the client. We do this by having a counter plan in place and on the shelf so to speak so when any type of negative issue raises its ugly head, we are prepared for our client’s immediate benefit.

Your NextNet Crisis Management Plan is comprised of many, many realms of positive information about you, your company, or your issues including press releases, blog entries, social media posts all designed to present our client’s positive values and do so instantly thereby regaling the Internet with the story or slant we feels best overcomes the issues now requiring a solid crisis management plan. We want our clients to know and trust our approach and to earn that trust by readying a counter plan that quickly provides a positive alternative within whatever arena it is needed.


Identity Protection


We have all seen and heard of examples where the era of Google has caused turmoil for those whose privacy has been violated and the impact this may/will have on your prized reputation be it personal or corporate. The cost in terms of dollars, time, and reputation cannot be overlooked when disingenuous information finds its way into the search engines regardless of the source. Sometimes the result of private information about where you live or work, your phone or email addresses, your schedule or other important factors that deal with your daily lives can become harmful should it fall into the wrong hands.

NextNet employs a significant amount of resources necessary to diminish these threats and recapture this private documentation and prevent it from becoming a part of some sinister group or individual. NextNet’s many Identity Protection Plans are designed to reclaim the client’s privacy allowing for a new sense of security.


Always Keeping You In Total Control


Do not yield to those who seek to embarrass or even destroy you or your companies reputation by using all of their online tricks. You do not need to lose control and you can fight back using all of the strategies in place at NextNet Marketing. Your reputation and the safety of you, your family, or your business is too valuable to let some internet punks attempt to destroy it. This is not simply a matter of sticks and stones but rather a situation that can grow from the mundane to the extreme negative and it can happen in an instant. Be ready. Have the tools available to offset any of these internet plagues at the ready through an association with the team at NextNet.


Fight back. Contact us today. Tomorrow may be too late.